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About us

The Next 100 Coalition of civil rights, environmental justice, conservation, community organizations, and leaders works for greater inclusion of diverse communities in our country’s national parks and other public lands. Inspired by the goals of the Next 100 Coalition, Next 100 Colorado is a BIPOC-led coalition of individuals, organizations, and vetted allies. We are the first chapter in the country to narrow the scope of a national initiative to state based policy and action. Next 100 Colorado is committed to a just and inclusive parks and public lands system.

We provide

A space where BIPOC leaders and allies who have demonstrated commitment to equity, justice, and inclusivity can find community and inspiration.

A vehicle through which members can collectively build an outdoor culture and industry that serves, celebrates, and centers the voices of those who have been intentionally excluded.

An opportunity for allies and accomplices to utilize their privilege, power, and access to amplify the work of members in an impactful, tangible, and supportive way.

Meet The Team

Gemara Gifford (she/her)

Doctoral Student, Colorado State University, Next 100 Colorado Co-Chair

Tried out for American Idol in 2010

Image by Holly Mandarich
Jerry Otero

Legislative and Policy Director, Grand Canyon Trust, Next 100 Colorado Co-Chair

Lifelong hunter, angler, sneaker collector, foodie, habitual line stepper.

WRA-headshot - Mira Barney.jpg
Mira Barney

Executive Assistant (Western Resource Advocates); Program Assistant (Indigenous Women's Leadership Network)

Cat-loving goofy accordionist

Casey Bries Headshot (2) - Casey Bries.jpg
Casey Bries

Environmental Justice & Partnerships Manager, Ecoinclusive Strategies, LLC

IMG_0938 - Simone Christopherson - DNR Contractor.jpg
Simone Christopherson (she/her)

Partners Program Assistant, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

I love trying out new coffee shops and my favorite season is summer

Clare-Cutler-600x600-1 - Claire Cutler.jpg
Claire Cutler
britt headshot 2024 - Brittni Ehrhart - DNR.png
Brittni Ehrhart-Gemmill (she/her)

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategist, Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Glamorous outdoor adventurer

Image (10) - Damian Alejandro.jpg
Damián García

Volunteer Coordinator,

Environmental Learning for Kids

Mammals love me, reptiles excite me, birds heal me, and fish fear me.

Hannah George

Programs and Events Coordinator, Keep It Colorado

Dried shiitake mushrooms are my fave life hack

IMG_1516 - K O.jpeg
Kristina Gray (she/her)

Director of Marketing & Communications, Environmental Learning for Kids

Unprofessional juggler

Andrea Kurth (she/her)

Outdoor Equity Advocate, Individual member


Acro Yoga pro

jpeg-imag001 - Dominic Lucero.jpg
Dominic Lucero

Executive Director, Colorado High Country Educational Treks AKA Colorado Treks

Blindfolded tether ball master champion

Modesta 2 - Modesta McGrath-Martínez.jpg
Modesta McGrath-Martínez (she/her)

Program Manager, Hispanics Enjoying Camping, Hunting, and the Outdoors (HECHO)

SLV GOATS - Patrick Ortiz.jpg
Patrick Ortiz

Operations Director, San Luis Valley Great Outdoors

Global History and Culture nerd

FocusTree-9 - Juan Gabriel Pérez Sáez.jpg
Juan Pérez Sáez (he/him/his)

Co-founder and Strategist, Intersecting Solutions


Immigrant, nature lover, hiker, and amateur salsa dancer.

ME! (1).jpg
Alma Sanchez

Ph.D. Student, University of Colorado Boulder

Ecology buff, PhD student, Latino Outdoors leader, ice climbing noob.

Capture - Jeremy Sifuentes.PNG
Jeremy Sifuentes

Workforce Development and ADA Accessibility Coordinator, Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Youth Mentor, Nature Lover, Career Pathfinder and Reality TV Junkie

Reseized Image  - Jason Swann.jpg
Jason Swann

Conservation Finance Program Director Intermountain West,

Trust for Public Land

Opportunities for All, Sunrise Chaser, and Serial Networker

JW Teton Wilderness with Aska dog - Jordan Williams.jpg
Jordan Williams (he/him)

Colorado Regional Representative, Continental Divide Trail Coalition

Trail explorer and doggy dad

Chris Talbot-Heindl (they/them)

Creator, Designer, Editor, and DEI Specialist. Next 100 Colorado Co-Chair


Writer and illustrator of trans-affirming educomics

Image by Sheelah Brennan

Sr. Manager, Renewable Energy, The Wilderness Society, Next 100 Colorado Co-Chair

Football fan, LA Rams; enjoys camping and hiking

9BAB4FD6-3D25-4549-85D7-9EF8A06C5931 - Jacob Belgrad.jpeg
Jacob Belgrad

Transportation Advocate, 


Cat lover and weather nerd

a ajusted adrianmichaelphotography (8) - Parker McMullen Bushman.jpg
Parker McMullen Bushman (they/she)

CEO / Founder, Ecoinclusive / Inclusive Guide

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist  Trainer | Speaker | Consultant

Cindy 2018 - Cindy Chang.jpg
Cindy Chang
Profile pic - Severiano DeSoto.jpg
Severiano DeSoto

Energy Siting Policy Advisor,

Western Resource Advocates

Outdoors loving dad

Aliyah - Aliyah Santistevan - DNR.jpg
Aliyah Emita Santistevan (she/her)

Assistant Division Engineer, CO Division of Water Resources

Corgi Lover & 3-Day Eventer

Patricia Garcia-Nelson
(She / Her /Ella)

Colorado Fossil Fuel Just Transition Advocate, GreenLatinos Colorado

Image20240110153153 - Breanna González.jpg
Breanna González

Environmental Justice Supervisor, CDPHE 

Pop & Sports Culture Encyclopedia

IMG_2427 (1).jpg
Dillon Hanson-Ahumada (he/him)

Conservation Project Coordinator, The Nature Conservancy 

People loving wildlife enthusiast

Cally-King-300x300 - Cally King.jpg
Cally King

Senior Project Manager,

Keystone Policy Center

IMG_7767 - Teresa Martinez.jpg
Teresa Martinez

Executive Director, Continental Divide Trail Coalition

My hope is to share the stories that make people cry in a good way

Image_20240111_121609_212 - Rebeca Medrano.jpeg
Rebeca Medrano

Protégete Strategic Partnerships Manager

Bread-making enthusiast and mediocre dancer

Image by Sam Dellaporta
Gabriel Otero

Director of Equitable Funding Policy, The Wilderness Society

Music enthusiast, coaches youth sports, enjoys reading and writing poetry

Hec Salas

Communications Consultant / Freelance Writer​


Basketball nerd

Screenshot 2023-09-06 085153 - Anna Sanchez.png
Anna Sanchez (she/inaru/ella)

Talent Manager, The Nature Conservancy

Nature nerd and dog parent.

Beatriz headshot small.png
Beatriz Soto

Protegete, Senior Director 

Climate and Environmental Justice Advocate, Architect, Artist, nature lover, Bruja, snowboarder, trail runner, Human kin

Ean Thomas Tafoya (he/him/el)

State Director, GreenLatinos Colorado

Radio DJ & Host, Human & Natural Rights, Born On Earth Day

Kara Matsumoto_Headshot.jpg
Kara Matsumoto

Policy Director, Conservation Lands Foundation, Next 100 Colorado Co-Chair

Aerial silks enthusiast

IMG_3736_Next100 - Maritza Arizaga.jpg
Maritza Arizaga (she/her/ella)

Equity & Community Engagement Manager, Western Resource Advocates

Nature lover and enthusiast - occasional llama-wrangler.

headshot for next 100 colorado.jpg
Shanyce Billings

Social media manager, Ecoinclusive 

Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist  Trainer | Speaker | Consultant

image (1).png
Jared Bynum

Individual member

Tracy Coppola (she/her)

Colorado Senior Program Manager, National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA)

Old tree and old dog fan

Crystal Fishing - Crystal Egli.jpg
Crystal Egli

CEO, Inclusive Guide


Ultra-liberal queer big-game hunter with unexpected aquatic athleticism.

Emma Galofré García (she/her/ella)

PhD Student at University of Colorado Boulder, Well-Being, Environment, Livelihoods, and Sustainability Group / Outings Leader at Latino Outdoors Colorado

Jessica Gelay
IMG_0017 - Jessica Godinez.jpg
Jessica Godinez (she/her/ella)

Conservation Program Manager, Hispanic Access Foundation

Movement loving suburban gardener doing life with a husband, two dogs and a whole flock of chickens

IMG_8354 - Mallory Huggins.jpg
Mallory Huggins

Senior Project Director,

Keystone Policy Center

Urban-outdoorsy city kid; loves to gab

New Headshot 3 - Shirena Trujillo Long.JPG
Shirena Trujillo Long

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Conservation Legacy

Avid outdoor fun maker, middle child, activista, from three of the Four Corners States.

Rising Routes YMCA - Will's Photos -0048 (1) - Mary McKean.jpg
Mary McKean

Planning Specialist, National Park Service

Colorado bird nerd

Alicia Mountain (she/her)

Urban Nature-based Solutions Manager, National Wildlife Federation


Avid napper, walker of parks, concert goer.

lep photo - Loretta Pineda.jpg
Loretta Pineda

Individual member, Founding Member


Semi- Retired

profile pic omar - Omar Sarabia.jpeg
Omar Sarabia 

Defiende Nuestra Tierra, Director

Street Taco enthusiast, cloud collector, love to snowboard and a veteran basketball player.

Ian Sharkey-1 - I Shark.png
Ian Sharkey

GIS Specialist, ERO Resources

Dancer, Hiker, mapmaker

jessica_sushinsky - Jessie Sushinsky.jpg
Jessie Sushinsky (she/her)

Conservation biologist, Vireo Conservation

Into birds, maps, and data/knowledge.

Felipe Headshot.jpg
Felipe Vieyra

Co-founder of Oso Adventure Meals

Coaches soccer for 3-4-year-olds.

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